Scorpion by Drake hits the 1 billion views mark within 1 week of release

The Canadian rapper and singer Drake, has yet again managed to mesmerize his audience with more than 1 billion overall streams acquired within the very first week of his album Scorpion. In a statement confirmed by Drake’s label named Republic Records, the video has been viewed more than a billion times while breaking US record with more than 745.92 million video streams just in a time frame of 1 week. This record was against the video by Post Malone named Beerbong & Bentleys that acquired near about 431 million video streams for its 1st week.

Scorpion managed to break the cumulative record of the week with a topping record on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, as well as Amazon Music. The video managed to gather more than 300 million video streams within 24 hours of its release. The album bagged the spot for largest debut of 2018 with 732,000 copies sold in United States itself. Currently, Drake owns 4 spots from the top 10 popular streaming weeks acquired by an album ever, as stated in information acquired through Billboard data.

Before the release of Scorpion, Drake held the torch of success with his previous album named More Life with records set at 600 million for the first week. The rapper has led charge by completing 5 proper albums that include names such as “Thank Me Later” (2010), “Nothing Was The Same” (2013), “Take Care” (2011), “Views” (2016), and the latest hit “Scorpion” (2018). Apart from rocking albums sales and hits, Drake has also ruled the charts with his mix-tapes that include names such as “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” (2015), “What a Time To Be Alive” (2015) and “More Life” (2017).

His solo top includes “So far Gone” that peaked at the 6th position in the year 2009. While he was a member of the “Young Money” (record label), he landed highest region from “We Are Young Money” (2009), and another with “Rise of an Empire” (2014).

Currently, Drake is tied along with several superstars for 6th most viewed album in the U.S. history. This suggests that in a term of a year or so, he is sure to rise in ranks. He currently flaunts the same ranks as Madonna, Kenny Chesney, Eminem, and the infamous Kanye West who is always in news for his controversies.

Another reason to binge watch: Sharp objects, a unique take on murder mystery

The latest series for summer is out on HBO for you to binge watch given the unique take on the story line. It shares a lot of common factors with “Lies”. The first being director Jean Marc Vallee along with movie star Amy Adams. Both these series are mostly based on the popular crime novels with female characters as the lead. Now, this is where all the similarities come to a stop.

“Lies” had bagged itself 8 Emmy awards with a storyline that was essential, tight as well as stylish while examining the gender roles in a deeper manner along with abuse and sexual assault. Now these are the heights for which the new series is aspiring to reach.

“Sharp Objects” has been labeled as the small-town based mystery with the feeling of crime thriller. The story starts with the current investigation for the murder of a girl but the whole scenario changes when another body is found in town. Marti Noxon, writer and producer of the series defines this new addition to HBO as the psychological exploration which has been fused with the anthropologically detailed account based on American life of 21st century in a small town.

The series tends to move with its own interesting yet peculiar pace while creating scenarios with flashbacks taking the viewer to the past filled with fragmented montages along with flash-cuts into images that manage to tantalize viewers making a promise of something big to be revealed soon.

The editing for this series is of free associative kind yet manages to be on point. The stylistic flourishes of the character Camille along with other major elements of the series such as her mother Adora Crellin playing the role of a haughty & cold mother brings in the effect of the same small town lifestyle.

With the issues of traumatic past haunting her along with mental-health issues and addiction, Camille’s trip initially to Wind Gap turns out to be an excruciating journey while the story unfolds in a mysterious pattern surrounding the storyline around the lead characters. The series is of 8 episodes for the first season. However, it could have been summed up in four given the lack of a gripping effect for the viewers watching the series. The first half of the story starts with an interesting storyline but lacks consistency as it proceeds.

Sony’s New Blunder: Full Movie uploaded on YouTube instead of Trailer

Sony Pictures managed to create a blunder by accidentally uploading the full length of movie named Khali The Killer on YouTube. The company was supposed to upload the trailer of the film as the title for the video stated the same. However, when viewers came across this video, they soon found out that the uploaded video was actually the full movie instead of a few-minute long trailer.

The news rapidly attracted attention of a lot of viewers and the full video gathered more than 11,000 views within 6 hours of being uploaded after which Sony Pictures realized their mistake and took down the same to correct it.

Khali The Killer comes as a new release by Sony Pictures for the year 2018. The prime focus of this movie is a hit man who has retired from his job way before but turns around again to accomplish that one ;last job in order to support the future of his family. The movie has been written and directed by Jon Matthews. The film explores all the experiences centering on the hit man who gets emotionally attached with his target that he was assigned to assassinate. With a budget close to $1 million, the movie has a running time of 1.5 hours with no extensive marketing by the production company till this point.

The lead character is being played by Richar Cabral who didn’t bag much scope for marketing during the production phase or even after the initial release of its DVD. However, this new blunder by Sony has definitely bagged attention of the audience. Given the fact that this movie was one with a small budget, it was highly likely that it would have gone poof amidst the ones that have the right to claim the fame. However, this accidental screw-up by Sony has established the name of the movie amidst the audience with a desire to know more about it with the curious clouds rising all around.

This might very well motivate the audience to pitch in a few bucks and rent out the movie to watch with friends. The movie Khali The Killer is now available to be purchased as well as streamed online. However, the theatre release date has been set for 31st August.

However, if you are to believe the skeptics, this might very well be a ploy for creative marketing by the company.