USA Diving coach allegedly forced the athletes into sexual abuse

The governing body for water diving sports named USA Diving has been accused of failure in terms of protection of its athletes. This lawsuit came just after the diving coach named William Bohonyi was alleged concerning sexual abuse to the female athletes.

The suit accuses the coach of preying over two of the female divers who were being trained under his tutelage while USA Diving as well as Ohio State University Diving Club stands along as defendants. This particular lawsuit surfaced just last week at the US District Court in Indianapolis. The USA Diving, where the training was being provided is also located in the same region.

As per the suit, it has been alleged that the diving coach forced the two females into the act of copulation along with repetitive coercion into some sexual acts such as sending naked pictures via cellphone. During the abuse, one of the two athletes was actually a minor. The names of the alleged victims have been kept hidden for security purposes.

Further, the lawsuit states that the governing body failed from reporting to the law enforcement body that Bohonyi was actually serial rapist who was banned from the membership in the year 2015. However, this did not refrain him from instructing as the diving coach for the female athletes who were underage until the month of May.

To this allegations, USA Diving’s Social Media and Communications Coordinator Cait Cohn commented that USA Diving takes these matters seriously and catering a safe and secure environment is of utmost importance when it comes to the athletes being trained under USA Diving. However, no further comment by Cohn was received on this matter.

As reported under the lawsuit, the training of one of the female divers started in 2009 under Bohonyi after which he started demanding “Oral Sex” from the athlete in return of the diving coaching. During the tenure of him acting as the coach, he forced the athlete to have a minimum of 1 sexual encounter per day after which it was followed by demand for explicit photos.

The student diver was asked to follow under the pretext “You Owe Me This”. During the final college years, she transferred to another school. According to a statement by the second diver, it was back when she was 16 that the sexual abuse by Bohonyi began in the year 2014. She was psychologically manipulated to believe that it was mandatory to provide sexual services to obtain the diving training.

As per the lawsuit, Bohonyi preyed into the vulnerability, age, and aspiring dreams of the young divers. Despite knowing the back story of Bohonyi, USA Diving didn’t rectify its mistake and allowed him to coach the young female divers.

Vancouver Knights led by Chris Gayle wins the title at Global T20 Canada’s final match

The team Vancouver Knights which is led by the star player Chris Gayle finally bags the winning title for the very first Global T20 Canada edition that ran its course from 28th June to 15th July 2018. During the match, player Saad Bin Zafar managed to score 79 runs not out which helped the team bag a win over the West Indies B team by 7 wickets. Vancouver scored 148 at 3 wickets with 15 additional balls to spare against the 145 scored by West Indies B in 17.4 overs all out.

Zafar played an excellent game during with 8 boundaries along with 6 sixes in the entire match leading to a winning strike with an inning of just 48 balls. The player joined along with Rassie van der Dussen when the team was in trouble with just 22 scores and three wickets gone. Chris Gayle was already back to the pavilion managing to earn just 2 points for his team.

With a slow run-rate of just 1 run per ball, the duo van der Dussen and Zafar took forward the torch and managed to bring the score to a 100-3 within a duration of 13.1 overs. The duo shared the overall stand of fourth wicket at 126. The winning hit by Van der Dussen was a boundary that brought him the score of 44 from 41 balls not out.

While Zafar managed to bag 14 runs to his score bank, his 2 fours and 1 six rose the overall strike rate during the last 3 balls at 11th over being pitched by the opponent team bowler Sherfane Rutherford. The player brought home another 2 boundaries while playing against the bowler Derval Green (2-20) during next over when the chase for winning run started to look pretty comfortable.

During the first half of the match, the opponent West Indies B was struggling during the batting as the team lost the toss against Vancouver Knights. Among the members of the opponent team Fabian Allen who is an all-rounder managed to reflect a serious resistance coming down at 41 runs from 23 balls which included 3 sixes and 3 fours.

The fourth wicket was taken by Vancouver team’s Sheldon Cottrell while the third one was from Fawad Ahmed the leg spinner. The six-team tournament held in Canada managed to spice up some serious interest among viewers with the winning card handed over to Vancouver Knights.

Know more about World Cup closing ceremony performer Nicky Jam

Rocking alongside Era Istrefi and Will Smith, the rapper Nicky Jam shall showcase one last performance in the World Cup finals with the official song of the event named “Live It up”. Know more about this avid rapper with the following facts.

1-He rocked the 1990s as well as early 2000s:

The official FIFA 2018 World Cup song “Live It Up” is the mind child of combined skills from Era Istrefi, Will Smith, and Nicky Jam. The Trio will be performing on this official song just before France competes against Croatia for the World Cup Finals at the jam packed Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. While Will Smith is a well-known name among the Americans, who failed to qualify for World Cup, Nicky has marked his journey among reggaeton’s highly prolific artists who popularized the rap genre during 1990s as well as the early 2000s.

2-His actual origin goes back to Boston:

Born as Nick Caminero, Nicky was the son of a father from Dominican descent with origin in Puerto Rico. As he attained the age of 10 years, he along with his family shifted to Puerto Rico from Massachusetts. His talent was first discovered at the grocery store while he was rapping freestyle about the stuff he was putting inside his bag.

3-Nicky’s Career went south post disagreement with his mentor:

While Nicky was underage, he would occasionally sneak in for a visit to Daddy Yankee. After the artist took Nicky under his tutelage, the duo collaborated for numerous hits such as “Guayando” and “En la Cama”. However, everything was ruined after he started taking alcohol and drugs. Following this, his mentor Daddy Yankee tried to bring him back to a fresh start but nothing worked and the duo separated their ways. Later, Daddy Yankee came up with his smashing hit “Gasolina”.

4-Singing came to him while he was in exile:

During his all time low, Nicky dedicated his time to develop a singing voice and search for a way to bounce back to his original position. In the year 2007, the artist shifted to Colombia where he discovered a reggaeton scene, which welcomed him. In the year 2015, the artist managed to pull off a great comeback with “El Perdon” while collaborating with Enrique Iglesias.

5-Will Smith and Nicky are friends:

Post his success with El Perdon” Nicky has been climbing his success stairs. The pairing up of Nicky with Will Smith for the FIFA World Cup makes sense given the fact that it was Will who helped promote the artist’s single named “X” by dancing to its tunes over Instagram. Nicky had a chat with Will after which it was decided that Nicky will appear for the breakout song by Jaden Smith named “Icon”. 

Fewer television shots of female fans to reduce soccer sexism: Says FIFA

FIFA (Federation Internationale De Football Association), the governing body for soccer on a global level now wants the television partners hired for broadcast of the match to refrain from zooming in over the “Hot Female Fans” present in the stadium crowd while the match is on. This particular move has been initiated in an effort to curb the rising effects of sexism seen in various sports and especially in soccer.

The head of the FIFA Diversity Program, Federico Addiechi has termed this plan a part of “Normal Evolution”. He also mentioned the fact that the broadcasts for this season of 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia has seen a staggering improvement in terms of reduction in sexism as compared to the ones during the tournament held in Brazil for the year 2014.

In an interview, Addiechi also confirmed that this new move shall continue in future as well given the fact that it is a part of normal evolution marking it as the official policy for all the tournaments set to be held in upcoming years. Addiechi also confirmed that he and the team went along the issue case-by-case to ensure that it was a continued pattern and it turned out that it was completely evident that sexism was ever-present in soccer, especially due to the television shots of hot women in the fan club.

According to a statement released by the news portal Sun, the Russian Television broadcasters have rightly been accused for zooming in over the female fans. This instance was evident from the fact that one glamorous model present over the stands attracted huge attention after she was broadcasted during the opening match of the tournament.

The efforts of this policy released by FIFA seems to be working given the fact that during the entirety of this tournament leading all the way to Tuesday’s match held between Belgium and France, the television shots only featured younger fans as well as middle-aged men wearing some patriotic garb.

Sexism on the street has been an ever-present issue along with the female reporters being the victims of this sexism during such tournaments. Scenarios of fans sexually harassing the female broadcasters as they worked compiled as a matter for more than 30 such cases. Julieth Gonzalez, a journalist posted a video on Instagram stating that as a part of the society with equal professionalism and value, the female counterparts should not be welcomed with such treatment.

Sarah Hirshland hired by U.S. Olympic Committee for the CEO post

After the recent scandal in terms of sexual abuse during the Olympics where many young women and girls were mistreated, the U.S. based Olympic Committee has now appointed Sarah Hirshland for the post of CEO. Before Hirshland was promoted to the post of CEO, she worked as Chief Commercial Officer at U.S. Golf Association.

Larry Probst, the USOC Chairman stated that at the current point, USOC is going through critical scenario that requires the introduction of a leader who is creative, energetic, as well as inspiring. He also said that the organization requires a team leader who houses the capability of constructing a positive reputation over the past success. The new leader also needs to ensure that all the athletes are protected, empowered, and supported in all possible ways.

Hirshland welcomed the new change that brought forth as chance to take charge of the efforts of the U.S. behalf dedicated to the events such as Olympics and Paralympics. She described this news as something that was a dream that came true. She also acknowledges the fact that the current situation for USOC is under constant turmoil that can be a challenging domain to correct the wrong doings of the past.

Further Hirshland added that, it is the duty of the entire committee to empower, support, as well as protect the athletes regardless of the fact that they are elite, old, or even a beginner. Paralympic and Olympic sports that are held in the U.S. needs to work as a top-ranking example to the world while being able to cater the athletes’ proper participation benefits along with an environment that is free from any kind of abuse.

The USOC has introduced a massive change to reflect better mannerism and service protocol that shall be carried forward by the new CEO. Hirshland is a graduate from Duke University who is going to move to the Colorado Springs to start working on her new post as the CEO. Her term shall start officially from August end. Hirshland was hired about 5 months post the resignation of Scott Blackmun who was the previous CEO at USOC.

Blackmun was called to pitch in his resignation stating the fact that Larry Nassar who was the former doctor at USA Gymnastics, used to practice sexual assault over many minors. However, upon resignation, Blackmun stated that it was his deteriorating health that led to this decision. He stated prostate cancer as the reason for resignation from the post.

Spain vs Russia: Russia beat Spain 4-3 to reach World Cup quarter-finals

Russia successfully bagged the winning crown on Sunday by defeating Spain with a 4-3 on the penalties. This success allowed the team to advance into the quarter-finals of the World-Cup. The semi-finals will be confronted by the Russian team against Croatia.

Igor Akinfeev, Russian keeper managed to save the spot kicks by Lago Aspas and Koke for their first penalty shootout which sent the hosts forward into the game while following the 1-1 draw during the game duration of 120 minutes.

Spain managed to accelerate ahead in the game after a duration of 12 minutes following the free kick by Sergei Ignashevich, 38-year-old player who paired with Spain captain named Sergio Ramos for 10th goal at the tournament. Spain had never defeated any host at the Euros or World Cups.

Russia pitched in an equal level of effort with the player Aleksandr Golovin’s entwined effort which was the only opportunity they had of beating their opponents. However, the game got strong following the noteworthy efforts of Gerad Pique whose handball provided them an open chance to bring the game to an equal level paired with a penalty close to the game’s 42nd minute.

The forward player Artem Dzyuba managed to bag his 3rd goal in the entire tournament which pushed David de Gea, Spain’s keeper towards a wrong way for settlement of the scores which awakened the 78,000 subdued audiences at the Luzhniki Stadium of Moscow.

Even after the mid-time break in the game, the tempo and pace was too slow given the fact that the team didn’t want to allow massive space for the other team with Russians playing along without the out-and-out striker post Dzyuba’s substitution.

Even after attracting a massive 75 percent of the possession, Spain rarely managed to carry them into the goal with the tiki-taka passing strategy. The team had to hold on till the initiation of 85th minute in order to test the potential of Akinfeev with the substitute Andres Iniesta.

With several players exhausted from the long run around the field, Russian team was reduced to a desperate effort of defending during the extra time while Spain still struggled in terms of slicing through the defense tactics of Russia. Akinfeev rescued the team with his fine performance in the 2nd half of the extra time. He managed to save 2 spot kicks and became the national hero leading the team towards the winning standpoint.