Exodus smartphone by HTC with blockchain to release later this year

With blockchain being a controversial yet beneficial topic when it comes to the current financial market scenario, smartphone company HTC has grazed the surface by bringing in its very own smartphone powered with blockchain technology. In recent news, HTC confirmed that it shall be releasing its smartphone Exodus later in 2018 stating that it shall de decked with blockchain technology.

The smartphone manufacturer has been going through a rough phase given the fact that it’s recent flagship U12+ was slated universally. This effectively brought down the overall sales by a whopping 68 percent for the month of June which marked its 11th quarter for consecutive financial loss. Moreover, the company was also forced to introduce job cuts with 1,500 staff axed from their posts which boils down to 22 percent from the total Taiwan based workforce.

Similar to many companies undergoing a crisis scenario, the smartphone manufacturer has been awaiting with a hope that the new blockchain technology introduction to its phones can change the game. As announced by HTC, Exodus is the first ever phone that is dedicated for decentralization of the applications as well as securities.

The company announced the release of Exodus earlier this year in the month of May. The smartphone has been designed to support Ethereum and Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies with the use of universal wallet along with decentralized applications as well as secure hardware. The landing page for Exodus states that the prime vision of this new technology is expansion of blockchain ecosystem with added security towards decentralized applications.

The project is being developed under the guidance of Phil Chen. He previously worked towards the promotional efforts of HTC Vive VR. After working for 2 years at the Horizon Ventures, he has returned back to work at the post of Decentralized Chief Officer. The new smartphone is set to be available in the market towards the year’s end while the phone shall be unveiled officially during the last weeks of September. With no solid confirmation on the pricing status, speculations pitch the price tag at $999 for a single unit.

The company has also partnered with Cryptokitties which is the biggest game in the world built upon the technology of blockchain. This particular game shall be available for the users of this new phone. The incorporation of this new game shall begin with U12+ which uses the blockchain technology in order to enable the players for collection, purchase, breeding, as well as selling of different varieties of cats.

DJI Mavic 2 might bring along 360 sensing with swappable cameras

Good news for drone enthusiasts comes with the recent leak of DJI’s latest product named DJI Mavic 2. A special sneak preview for this sleeker shaped UAV has revealed some new features that indicate the split of Pro line. Before the news about this recent release surfaced, DJI Mavic Pro was the flagship of DJI brand.

The DJI Mavic Pro was designed to be highly portable with added folding arms. However, it still delivered 4K videos with 27 minutes flight time while avoiding any obstacles in the pathway. However, DJI Mavic 2 has emerged as its new successor with better features to take over the market soon enough.

According to reports obtained from tipsters sneaking upon the model which is officially unannounced, DJI Mavic 2 houses a body that is more streamlined as compared to its predecessor. However, the same type of folding mechanism can be found in both these machines. The motors used in the upcoming device are larger but lack the “quiet” rotors found in DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

DJI Mavic 2 houses some intriguing features when it comes to gimbal assembly and camera. For starters, gimbal assembly in the device is actually removable. This can be a feature that allows the drone to operate as standalone camera that is highly stabilized. The new drone comes in with second camera along with gimbal assembly that could be the part of an interchangeable system.

The leaked picture suggests that there are two sensors of different sizes that can be an added advantage when it comes to capturing both photographs as well as videos with different quality requirements. However, it is yet to be confirmed if the device carries the zoom feature. The picture also shows that there are front as well as side sensors to avoid any kind of obstacles in the way which might be paired with back and bottom sensors. This would aptly bring in 360-degree technology for sensing all around DJI Mavic 2’s periphery along with a feature to detect obstacles underneath.

However, its alignment with the DJI range is still under speculation. Mavic 2 being released by the company instead of Mavic Pro 2 suggests that there might be another model in making to take the throne from existing Mavic Pro model. The image also shows that the legs of the drone carry silver bands depicting this device to be an entry-level model.

BlackBerry “Ghost” rumored to bring long-lasting 4000 mAh Battery

After the monotonous release of handsets with no unique features, BlackBerry is all ser to bring forth its new “Black Berry Ghost” with a battery power of 4000 mAh. Not just that, this particular device shall carry all that is modern for the smartphones with elements such as thin bezels, 18:9 aspect ratio, etc.

After its initial leaked picture in February, the news of this device bringing in such a powerful battery has upped the demand of the gadget among BlackBerry fans. The company operating behind the name “Ghost” is a licensee by BlackBerry named Optiemus. It was this very company that sold India’s first even mobile phone in the year 1995.

Another tweet revealed that there is another release on line with the BlackBerry Ghost which is the BlackBerry Ghost Pro which is rumored to be releasing at the same time. Fans are expecting a setup with dual camera on both these devices with features such as optical zoom and low-light enhancement. However, the large battery size has been making news in the current market. This is the first time any BlackBerry phone has been decked with such large capacity of battery.

This has marked BlackBerry Ghost in the tying positions with BlackBerry Motion along with BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet with 5300mAh cell. The Ghost smartphone shall soon be out on display for the fans. However, for the time being, the original website of Optiemus is out with a notice that states that they are working on bringing something amazing and will get back as soon as possible.

However, this particular phone isn’t available for the residents of U.S. As per the license agreement between the Optiemus and BlackBerry, the phone shall only be available for residents of Sri Lanks, Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. There have been no other countries added to this list as of now.

Recently, BlackBerry announced the release of its new smartphone Key2 amidst the customers in the international market. The Key2 by BlackBerry houses a full HD display of 4.5-inch with IPS LCD and resolution 1620×1080 pixels. It flaunts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 based processor which is paired with Adreno 512 GPU. Apart from that, it has a memory bank of 6GB RAM while the internal storage capacity is of 64 GB/ 128GB. The device operates on the Android 8.1 Oreo with a battery power of 3,500mAh.

AI surpasses human performance standards with Quake III Arena

This might come as a surprise but Dota 2 might not be the single game at with AI has attained mastered skills. The DeepMind research team by Google has used successful reinforcements for teaching the AI agents the tips and tricks to play “Quake III Arena Capture the Flag” paired with a human performance standard. This was practiced not only on a competitive basis, but also while there were human players on the team.

The research work by DeepMind works in order to push AI’s learning capabilities beyond the set limit. The prime goal here is to develop a technology which will hold the capacity to work along with humans to solve the complex everyday issues in the world including healthcare, climate change, or decline in the economy. In order to achieve the targeted results, the teams used these games as “Training Grounds” to teach the AI based programs, different techniques to solve small problems while doing so in a collaborative mannerism.

Reinforcing an idea that is similar to the ones used in teaching the machines to play the Dota2 as teams, this training session is focused on maintaining the diversity in terms of opponents as well as team structure. AI managed to learn the workings of Quake III Arena’s game named Capture The Flag while playing against as well as along with other AI and humans.

According to the official post, this setting has been termed as a multi-agent learning technique where multiple individuals and agents need to act in an independent manner, all the while learning to interact as well as cooperate with each other. This is a big challenge, given the fact that co-adapting circumstances is a constantly changing factor.

Through the adaptation of multi-agent leaning technique, the AI successfully played the Quake III Arena recognized similar to a level as the skilled humans. Even as the AIs played along with the pairing pattern which included 40 different human players that were randomly paired with AI teammates or opponents, the AIs managed to perform at an excellent level. It also went on to demonstrate the strategies that are popular with the humans which includes things such as Opponent Base Camping.

The official post was concluded with the statement that mentioned that DeepMind shall be more focused on improvement of the current reinforcements for population and learning based methods for training the AI.

Dirty Secrets Revealed: Gmail App Developers can read your emails

As per a recent report published by The Wall Street Journal, your emails not be safe anymore. The report state that the 3rd party application developers can easily access millions of emails of the Gmail users anytime they want. The access settings by Gmail allows the data companies as well as app developers for a peek into the emails and private details of the users which includes time stamps, recipient addresses, and all the messages. Now, these 3rd party apps do require the consent from the user. However, it is largely unclear whether it just allows humans to do so or if computers are equally eligible for the same.

Google has confirmed that it data is only provided to the vetted 3rd party application developers that comes along with the explicit consent of the user. The process for vetting includes a confirmation of the company’s identity with correct representation of privacy policy which shall monitor the emails. It also ensures that the data access being provided to the company is relevant to the cause of their business. For instance, a certain app for email can acquire access to the Gmail. The company also stated that there are many companies who haven’t been granted access but the exact number hasn’t been provided as of now.

The company further added that the employees at Google can only read emails after the consent is provided by the user with the help of a permission box. This is especially applicable for investigation of abuse or bugs in the system.

However, it has been clearly noticed that a major faction of apps with minimal recognition have access to the emails. You might have come across the permission box while entering Gmail and chances are, you might have ticked off the grant permission option without even going through the list of permissions you are granting to the 3rd party apps.

Trusted names among the approved list include Return Path as well as Edison Software. They can easily access hundreds and thousands of the emails being sent and received by the users. This condition is pretty similar to the Facebook fiasco for data sharing which fell under the scrutiny of the government after years of being practiced. Till date, there has been no such evidence of the data being misused by Gmail employees. However, the mere thought of someone else going through your crucial and private data seems reason enough for a genuine concern.