Rapper Offset from Migos unites with family post arrest on drug charges

Offset the rapper from “Migos” the trio, returned back to his home on Saturday post an arrest due to suspicion over weapon and drug charges on Friday. As reported by the local media, the rapper, who is 25-year-old, along with his bodyguard named Senay Gezahgn were on their way to Jonesboro in Georgia. This was when the police pulled them over under the charge of driving through an improper change of the lane.

Offset is a rapper who was born under the real name Kiari Cephus. He was driving the 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera when the police pulled him over. Further, the police from Clayton County stated that the officers on duty searched the whole vehicle to find cash worth $107,000+ in cash along with some marijuana that was below 1 ounce in weight.

Post this, Offset was arrested under the charges which included improper change of lane, marijuana possession, weapon possession by the convicted felon, weapon possession which was during crime commission. Before this, Offset along with his group mates named Takeoff and Quavo had been arrested given charges that included possession of drugs and gun in the year 2015 that was during the show held at the Georgia Southern University. This event proceeded with Takeoff and Quavo being able to opt for bail after staying two nights at the jail. However, Offset had to be sentenced to 8 months in jail given the fact that he had been accused of theft convictions and past burglary.

His body guard, Gezahgn was also charged with the possession of below 1 ounce of Marijuana along with weapon possession during the time of crime commission. Quavo went on to confirm that Offset was back home after being arrested with his tweet that said “He Home”.

According to reports from several fans, Cardi B, Offset’s wife, who is also a rapper, posted on her Instagram story that carried a quick sneak peek of the artist being home with his newborn daughter and his wife post the arrest. Further, she cleared everything up  by stating that Offset isn’t on any probation.

Drew Findling, Offset’s lawyer stated that the current top priority for the rapper is nothing but his family. He further added that his client was cleared of any charges. He told that the rapper was falsely charged and he is completely innocent. He has been fighting off the allegations with his best potential knowing the fact  that he is completely innocent and the court will soon realize this are remove all the allegations to his name.

Tony Sparano, Offensive Line Coach at Minnesota Vikings dies at 56

With no cause of death surfacing, the former head coach at Miami Dolphins and Offensive Line Coach at Minnesota Vikings named Tony Sparano recently died at 56 years of age. His team didn’t clarify any cause of the death for the coach. However, Chris Mortensen from ESPN confirmed that Sparano was admitted to hospital given the complaints of chest pain that were ailing him on Thursday. However, he was released from the hospital on the very next day.

The event started when he was found unconscious by his wife in the kitchen just before the couple was going to leave their house for the church. His wife tried to help him regain consciousness by the help of CPR. However, everything failed and the coach had to be admitted to the hospital. Vikings owners, Zygi and Mark Wilf said that they are sorrowful about the untimely demise of the coach and their wishes go out to the entire family. They also said that Tony was the best coach, passionate person as well as a goal driven individual that cared a lot about the family while spending a lot of time with the future generation of his family. His presence shall be missed a lot by the organization of the Vikings.

Rick Spielman, General Manager at Vikings said that he was actually crushed by the coach’s untimely death. According to him, Tony was a football lover who was passionate about his team. Being a man with faith, he loved his family a lot and the Vikings team is surely to support him a lot. Sparano was the former coach at Miami Dolphins who joined with the Vikings in the year 2016. He went for 32-41 parts for the term of five seasons at the post of head coach at NFL.

His NFL career as a coach started in the year 1999 as the coach for offensive-quality control that started with Cleveland Browns. After this, he was promoted to coach the offensive line in the year 2000. After having some stints with Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and Jacksonville Jaguars, the Dolphins hired him at the post of head coach for 2008. With Dolphins, the coach was in for close to 4 seasons. He also catered his services and knowledge at the post of “Interim Head Coach” along with Oakland Raiders for the year 2014 while finishing his term for season 3-9, however, it wasn’t retained.

Terry Pluto talks expectations, reality and excitement with Cleveland Browns

Terry  Pluto, the American sportswriter and newspaper columnist talks about  the latest season being played by the Browns for this season. The excitement is up its notch with many fans writing to Pluto needing updates for the team with conversations and emails.

For years in the past, fans have emerged with the same statement that things can’t get worse than this. During the last 4 seasons, Browns had defied this particular statement with the victory totals dropping each seasons starting from a seven to four moving all the way to one and then towards 0-16. Unless this franchise makes a move again, the Browns have officially made the mark of getting at the worst position.

Pluto expects the Browns with a better performance this season which needs to be exceptionally better to hit the mark of 5-11 in order to bring an equality for the season to be a better one as compared to the last 3 seasons. The progress has been deemed lousy, yet shows the sign of some significant progress. According to the PFF, it has been believed that the quarterback at Browns named Tyrod Taylor shall be pitching in 5 wins for Browns while DeShone Kizer, the former quarterback holds the sole responsibility for 3 losses in the season due to the excessive turnovers.

Taylor just had 8 turnovers last season with Bills that was compiled from four fumbles and four interceptions. Kizer had seven fumbles with 29:22 interceptions. The respectable play from the quarterback has led to a lot of excitement. This doesn’t mean that Taylor makes up as the big famed quarterback but this competence and experience makes up for something that hasn’t been seen in the orange helmet holders for a very long time.

Several fans and media members have been projecting this years that the Browns might grab a win amidst the 7 and 9 games. However, it all depends upon the numbers and how well the team plays. Football is actually a game with continuity as the prime factor. The players have to know and understand each other before a mutual trust is established to play in complete synchronization. This is the game where the athletes are bloodied bruised, as well as emotionally beaten. In order to better the game this season, John Dorsey, the new manager of the team has invested loads on the team to bring in the experienced players that play on the offense.

Papa John’s out from FedEx Field, Redskins continues partnership with its local franchisees

During the Taste of FedEx Field Event, Redskins went on to introduce Paisano’s which shall pair with the team as its official sponsor for pizza. This particular local chain shall hold five locations for concession and is set to replace Papa John’s as the part of the deal which was signed preceding the resignation of John Schnatter who was the founder of Papa John’s. The founder admitted to have used the derogatory “N” word during the conference call that subsequently led to his resignation from the post of chairman at the board for this Louisville-based company.

Now, Papa John’s shall be removed from FedEx Field while Redskins shall continue its partnership with the local franchisees of Papa John’s which is the continuation of two decades of partnership. In the recent years, the participating areas of Papa John’s have been offering some great promotional deals which also included 50 percent discount for the large pizzas along with the free toppings added for each touchdown that came after Redskins won. The details for the potential upcoming promotions in the year 2018 haven’t been announced as of now.

Tony Wyllie, Redskins spokesman commented that they have completed more than 18-year long relationship along with local DMV areas of the Papa John’s franchisees. This has led to the establishment of long term trust with the diverse group based on owners of small businesses who are dedicated to betterment of the community. The spokesman further added that they will continue the history with charitable support that is designated to provide the services to many organizations which includes Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

In the month of February, Papa John’s along with NFL mutually came to an agreement for sponsorship that led to Papa John’s being designated as official pizza for the 2010 league. This relationship amidst Papa John’s and the league started to become sour during the month of November after Schnatter decided to resign from the post of company CEO.

After this, Pizza Hut was tagged as the official name for the NFL. Seattle Seahawks have been working for replacement of Papa John’s with a reliable name since the month of March. The decision boiled down to Pizza Hut being announced as the official sponsor while the individual teams went on to retain the local partnerships held with other chains.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe to venture too close to Sun for the very first time

With probes sent by the scientific community reaching various lengths of the galaxy, our very own sun has always been out of our reach given the high intensity of scorching heat radiated by it. However, with scientific advancements in the present scenario, NASA has successfully created a probe that is designed to resist the high heat radiated by the sun. The team of scientists dedicated to this mission has been preparing to venture this probe closer than ever before.

The prime goal of this probe is to get deep into the area close to Sun and understand the sun’s Solar Corona while studying the outermost stellar atmosphere of this star that results in solar winds. Parker Solar Probe is actually a car-sized small robotic spacecraft that has been designated to be launched from the Cape Canaveral located in Florida dated 6th August. The mission duration for the probe has been set for 7 years. The probe has been designed to fly as close as 3.8 million miles from the surface of the sun which has been deemed to be 7-times closer as compared to any other past missions to the sun.

Project scientist, Nicola Fox of John Hopkins University at the Applied Physics Laboratory stated during the news conference held on Friday that sending a probe to a place where no one has ever been before is actually ambitious especially when planning on sending the probe towards conditions that could be highly brutal. Before Parker, the closest ever interaction with the sun was possible with the help of the probe named Helios 2 which managed to align within the 27 Million miles radius of sun in the year 1976. By comparison, our Earth is located at a distance of about 93 Million miles from the sun.

The corona at the sun tends to produce solar winds which radiate a never-ending flow of the charged particles which permeates through our solar system. It is this solar wind that tends to cause certain disturbances to our Earth’s magnetic field which can wreck havoc to the communication technology present in our planet. The scientists at NASA hope to uncover ways through which these solar winds can easily be predicted to avoid any issues with communication going haywire in future. The total expenditure for this mission boiled down to $1.5 Billion.

Tesla confirms the rising demand for Model X, S, and 3 with over 7000 orders

In an effort to dispel the wrong notion making the rounds stating that there has been a significant decline in the orders for Model 3, Elon Musk, Tesla CEO confirmed that the news is contradictory to the actuality. Instead of going flat, the orders for Model 3 along with Model X and Model S in on significant rise with 7000+ order received by the company. From this number, 2000 is for the Model X and Model S while other 5000 orders are for the Model 3.

This particular move comes following the analysis of the Wall Street Analyst named Rajvindra Gill who issued a note stating that Tesla has been getting more cancellation orders for the Model 3 as opposed to purchase. Several inaccuracies have been found n the report provided by Gill for which Tesla later issued a statement which confirmed that the new orders are coming in at staggering numbers rather than declining.

It has been a trend that Tesla never reveals its numbers but the statement by the Wall Street Analyst could lead to negative marketing which forced the CEO to provide a confirmation statement regarding the orders. This is not common when it comes to Tesla. Most of the times, the numbers come in after the delivery of the products at the quarter’s end along with some comparison with the numbers for the previous years.

Tesla has provided a global number for the new orders along with the statement for 5000 requirements for Model 3 which carefully place the word “Net Orders” amidst the statement. This clarified that the number is after subtracting the total cancellation which completely nulls the point stated by Gill as per his analysis. Another thing that needs to be noted is the fact that this number comes post the opening of design studio for the North American audience followed by a halt to the reservation process of the automobiles in current market.

This suggests that the new orders are most likely coming from the North American customer base while also growing the reservation backlogs in an international basis. What’s more impressive is the fact that the current orders for Model 3 that were welcomed last week came about several weeks post the invitation by Tesla for reservation from North America itself. When it comes to the automobile models by Tesla, demands are the last factor one needs to worry about given the brand name and futuristic feature implementation.

Amy Powell: Paramount TV President dismissed from post over inappropriate commentary

As per recent reports, Paramount confirmed that it had fired its Head for Television Division due to the fact that the post holder spewed racist and inappropriate remarks that brought in complaints from several employees.

Jim Gianopulos, CEO Paramount Pictures provided a written memo on Thursday that confirmed that TV Head Amy Powell was fired with reason being inappropriate commentaries that were completely in contradiction of the company values. However, the memo failed to elaborate any further over the comment’s nature or location. The only clue from the memo read that the same was spurted out in the “Professional Setting”.

Further, the memo stated that numerous employees went on to complain about the aggressive and derogatory behavior of Powell which led to the company taking a decision to fire her with a joint decision along with Human resources and legal department of Paramount Pictures.

Apart from the information of the official memo, rumors also stated that Powell remarked about the “Angry Black Women” during the conference call. This lead to an investigation led to confirm the complaints which were confirmed shortly with an array of evidence against her. Allegedly, Powell had made some insensitive remarks against the TV adaptation of a movie that released in 1996 named “First Wives Club”. The movie starred Diane Keaton, Bette Middler, and Goldie Hawn in the lead roles.

Her commentary quickly prompted the African-American assistant who worked for the organization which initiated the process for firing of the post holder. However, Powell went on to deny having made any kind of racist commentary or even any offensive comment. Powell confirmed in a statement that she made no such commentary and the allegations made against her hold no truth whatsoever. She also said that the truth shall eventually surface proving her not guilty of making any offensive remark against any person, individual, community, or even any movie.

As per reports, Powell was actually upset over the tweet that was written by Tracy Oliver, the show runner for the First Wives series adaptation. She tweeted that there is a need for the colored women to represent several organizations. She also stated that the voice of the black female won’t matter if the industry decision makers won’t even try to understand the things they say. She also pointed out that there is no #MeToo when it comes to racism.

It was Powell under whose leadership, the TV giant supplied shows which included hits such as “13 Reasons Why” and “The Alienist”.

Translucent SmartPhones with Gorilla Glass 6 to enter the market

Translucent SmartPhones have always been a matter of discussion but yet the communication industry hasn’t seen any changes to the existing smartphones until now. The market is set to be dazzled with the latest promise of the Gorilla Glass 6 that is going to bring a new edge to communication while taking the Gorilla Glass a massive step further in terms of technology.

The next generation display technology, which is currently being used by brands such as Samsung and Apple houses the usual upgrades of impact resistance and scratch resistance features. However, what is making the news is the fact that it can definitely be engineered to look as well as feel nothing like a glass. The company revealed during the press event held at its Sunnyvale facility on Wednesday that the engineers have worked to incorporate new features with realistic textures for the glass. The “Vibrant Gorilla Glass” was introduced first in the year 2016 along with the promise that the smartphone makers can easily print the HD images directly over the glass.

However, the latest prototypes have been taking this concept a step further. This particular technique actually combines printed images along with the etched glass which is designed to copy the feel for different textures like rock, wood, polished marble, and even snakeskin. This results in a glass which won’t actually feel like glass or even look like one.

As per the statement given by Innovation Director of Gorilla Glass for Corning technology, the picture is there towards the back while the texture lies in the forefront which ultimately results in a possibility that can innovate the way your phone looks. However, the changes aren’t limited to introduction of textures. The makers experiment with the translucent element of the phone to grasp the potential of the new glass. Apart from that, the glass has been incorporated with gradients, reflective colors, along with the printed designs.

All in all, this questions the fact that people might or might not bother to get a phone case if they were in complete control over the designs of the phone. Obviously, going without a case might be risky but the corning technology has covered the same by building the toughest glass with high drop resistance as compared to the previous generations. On an average, this new glass is capable of surviving at least 15 drops over the rough surfaces.

Rollaway risk leads to urgent recall for Ford’s 555,000 cars and SUVs

A major manufacturing issue to the Ford cars and SUVs has led to an urgent recall of close to 555,000 Ford Escape SUVs and Ford Fusion Sedans. The concern here is with the possibility of the cars to rollaway without any notice. The recall for these vehicles was announced on Wednesday which affected the select 2013-16 Ford Fusions along with 2013-2014 Ford Escapes.

As confirmed by Ford, the dealerships shall effectively fix the actual source for this risk free of cost. The issue comes due to the underlying problem of shifter cable bushing. To deal with this issue until it is resolved by the dealers, the users of these models have been advised to use the parking brakes.

The automaker confirmed that this bushing actually connects shifter cable with the transmission point. However, the bushing with recalled cars might actually degrade to a point where they get detached leading to rollaway. This ultimately causes the Escapes or Fusions to fail from shifting to the park option.

As of now, no injuries or crashes have been reported from the defect found in these Ford models as confirmed by Ford. The list of vehicles recalled by the company includes the Ford Fusion sedans of 2014 which were manufactured at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant by Ford during the time frame of 18th June 2013 and 15th September 2013. Apart from that, the Ford Fusion Sedans of 2014-2016 have also been recalled which were made at the same plant between 2nd June 2014 and 31st August 2015. Along with that, Ford Fusion Sedans 2013-2014 are also on the list followed by Ford Fusion Sedans 2014-2016, and Ford Escape SUVs 2013-14.

As of now the count for these recalled vehicles at the United States itself boils down to 504,000 along with 37,000 cars and SUVs in Canada itself. While the Mexican country showed a turn-up of 8000 vehicles as of now. For more information over the recall, users can call at the Ford Customer Care No. 886-436-7322. You can also check whether or not your vehicle has any open recall by plugging-in your 17-digit identification number of the vehicle at the website of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It will let you know if your vehicle is open to any recall by the company manufacturer due to any safety glitch in the parts.

Walmart might bring in Netflix’s major competitor for video streaming: Suggests Report

As per recently acquired information, Netflix and Chill might not be the next destination for couples or friends looking for a great option to pass time. Reportedly, Walmart has been planning on bringing in a new streaming service in the market that is supposed to compete against the ever-so popular Netflix and even Amazon Prime is supposed to be affected with this new addition to the market.

Walmart plans on bringing this video streaming service at cheaper subscriptions to enable its services to be opted by a large faction of its target audience. The company has been considering the service plans to start below $8 per month that shall be paired with the ad-supported service that is free. This is way less than that of the cheapest plan by Netflix in US which stands at $8 per month while the lowest subscription charge for Amazon Prime goes at $8.99 per month.

Now, this is all so very exciting given the low prices with better features as compared to the market dominators. However, one needs to note the fact that Walmart already released a service for video streaming named Vudu. This particular service was initiated way back in the year 2010 in the month of March. The service failed to claim the market given the long 8 years of its presence. According to a survey conducted by Bloomberg based comScore research, the users of Vudu spent just two hours or even less when using the platform in the entire month while Netflix bagged at least 25 hours of viewership from its users in a month.

This increased viewership comes from the fact that both Amazon and Netflix have been working their way towards worldwide expansion with substantial load of money spent over production of some original content. Netflix singlehandedly plans on shelling out $8 billion for the year 2018 to produce original content.

Obviously Walmart has a lot of cash to shell out if the company plans on opting for these unique options. However, the company needs something very remarkable to divert the attention of the users from Amazon Prime or Netflix to its domain. More than 1 million users subscribe to video streaming services every month in US providing a market that might accelerate to a growth potential of $84 billion for the year 2022. If Walmart successfully provides cheaper or even free plans, it could dominate the market taken over by Netflix or Amazon Prime.